24 May 2024, 12:03


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Football homework: the more you practise, the better you become.

Technique: to acquire at the football training ... to exercise at home!

In football nowadays a good technique is a real necessity. A good technique isn't just a matter of talent, but one of a lot of practice. The street football of earlier has disappeared. Those who only play football during the football training or the game, will never become a professional football player. One needs to practice on other moments as well.

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Easy to use by everybody

Even for those who don't have a garden to practice, this site can be helpful. There are a lot of exercises one can do on a small space. A lot of exercises can be done alone, never more than two people are necessary. The second person doesn't need to be a football player.

What's our ambition?

Our ambition is to bring together all football exercises or techniques that once have been done on a football field and show them in a clip (if it's necessary, we will also show the tutorial). This site will never be complete. Football keeps evolving, and so will this site. We will keep improving the clips that aren't perfect yet. In time, more and more clips will be created.
You can give us an important contribution, by giving us comments and suggestions. So if you have any of them, please send them to us by the contact form.