21 Jul 2024, 12:32


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dribbles and feints with face to defender
Dribbles and feints while leading the ball (running)
Dribbles and feints while you stand still
Combinations of dribbles and feints
Dribbles and false moves with defender on back
Flick up the ball
technical exercises on 6 m²  (small space)
turn around with ball
lead the ball
ball control (stop the ball)
Exercises on higher balls
Juggling - kick ups
Various exercises on higher balls
Exercises with ball rolling off a roof or tube
Retro: learning proces
match situations: goals - skillful assist - lift
shield the ball
for the youngest football players
body coordination
Coordination with the hands
Coordination with the feet
Reaction games - pushing and pulling
Rope skipping
Drills for speed and quickness
soccer pal   (ballritmics)
exercises with rebounder (tchouk - tchoukball - soccer racket)
shows - tricks